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Books on Phillumeny:-

1) "Towards a Better Understanding of Chinese Matchbox Labels: A Beginners' Guide to Translation" -
Simon Blackman (Author)


2) "Catalogue of Matchbox Label Threes" (Issue year 1962) - by Ian W. Blewitt (Author)


3) "A Catalogue of Threes (Illustrated)" (Issue year 1995) - by Ian W. Blewitt (Author)


4) "A History of The Cornish Match Company - 1962-1986" (Issue year 2000) - by Ian W. Blewitt (Author)


5) "Matches from Gloucester, Wm. Taylor & others of the 1870s" - by Peter Campion (Author)


6) "Standard Match Co. Ltd." - by Peter Campion (Author)


7) "John Bull of Gloucester" (Issue year 2000) - by Peter Campion (Author)


8) "Gloucester Match Co." - by Peter Campion (Author)


9) "England's Glory - The Moreland Story" - by Peter Campion (Author)


10) "British Matchmakers, Part 1" - by Peter Campion (Author)


11) "Manchester Matchmakers" - by Peter Campion (Author)


12) "R.M. Letchford, Williams, and Seanor" - by Peter Campion (Author)


13) "Bristol Match Makers Vol.1" (Issue year 2011) - by Peter Campion (Author)


14) "Bristol Match Makers Vol.2" - by Kevin McCarthy (Author) and Peter Campion (Co-Author)


15) "Harlequin Matches" - by Rupert Harris (Author) and Peter Campion (Co-Author)


16) "Lighting Up Ireland" (Issue year 2013) - by Kevin McCarthy (Author) and Peter Campion (Co-Author)


17) "Lighting Up Scotland" - by Kevin McCarthy (Author) and Peter Campion (Co-Author)


18) "The Book of Matchbox Labels" (Issue year 2001) - by Roger Fennings (Author)


19) "A Striking Industry in Welwyn Garden City" (Issue year 1969)- by Eric R. Littler (Author)


20) "The Striking Industry in Letchworth" (Issue year 1974)- by Eric R. Littler (Author)


21) "The Striking Industry in Irlam" (Issue year 1979) - by Eric R. Littler (Author)


22) "A Striking Retailer from Whitechapel" (Salmon & Gluckstein) (Issue year 1981) - by Eric R. Littler (Author)


23) "A Striking Industry in Bishop's Stortford" (History of United Match Industries Ltd) (Issue year 1971) - by Eric R. Littler (Author)


24) "A Striking Industry in Ripley" (Issue year 1976) - by Eric R. Littler (Author)


25) "A Striking Industry in Heywood" (Issue year 1975) - by Eric R. Littler (Author)


26) "A Striking Series of Notes" (Issue year 1983) - by Eric R. Littler (Author)


27) "A Striking Problem from India - War Quality Labels" (Issue year 2005) - by Eric R. Littler (Author)


28) "Middlesbrough Match Importers" - by Alan Middleton (Author)


29) "North of England Match Co. Ltd. West Hartlepool" - by Alan Middleton (Author)


30) "Structure of the British Match Industry" - by Alan Middleton (Author)


31) "The Smaller British Bookmatch Companies 1895-1955" - by Stan Aston (Author)


32) "Spanish Matchbox Inserts (Fototipias)" - by Alan Downer (Author)


33) "The Darkest England Match Industry" - by D C Mitchell (Author)


34) "The Salvation Army Match Industry" - by D C Mitchell (Author)


35) "The Matchbox Collectors' Scrapbook" - by D C Mitchell (Co-Author)


36) "A Catalogue of Worldwide Matchbox Labels with the word 'Light' in the Title" (Issue year 1983) - by Ron Norris (Author)


37) "Bouldens 'Foreign Made' Labels 1969-1972" (Issue year 1998) - by Ron Norris (Author)


38) "A Catalogue of Matchbox Labels and Booklets issued by British Breweries" - by Stephen Thompson (Author)


39) "British Skillets"  (Issue year 2001) - by Richard Tolson (Co-Author)


40) "Average Contents 60 - The Story and Catalogue of Wooden Match Imports into Australia and Neighbouring Countries 1908-1958" (Issue year 2005) - by Jerry Bell (Author)


41) "Lighting Up Australia - The story of the Australian Match Manufacturing Industry, Also includes a section on New Zealand" (Issue year 2008) - by Jerry Bell (Author)


42) "Historical Notes on Early Matchbox Labels & Cinderellas for Australia, New Zealand and Nearby Pacific Countries" (Issue year 2012) - by Jerry Bell (Author)


43) "Catalogue, E L Bell & Co. Pty. Ltd. Australian Match Works & Commonwealth Match Works" (Issue year 1997) - by David Figg (Author)


44) "Catalogue, C.F. Duncan & Co. Pty. Ltd." (Issue year 1999) - by David Figg (Author)


45) "Matchbox Labels of Macau" - by Rui Sousa Gomes de Matos Sr. (Author)


46) "Matchbox Labels of Portugal"- by Rui Sousa Gomes de Matos Sr. (Co-Author)