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Phillumeny Words:-


Advertising Items:-

Items made by, or on behalf of, match companies to advertise their products. Some may be ephemera or hardware type, but can include such items as “corporate giveaways”, crib boards, playing cards, enamel signs, and shop display cards.



Larger labels used on the packaging of (typically) ten or twelve packets of matchboxes, usually affixed to shipping crates



Paper documents relating to match companies includes advertising, catalogues, factory stock books, printers proofs, calendars, price lists, headed letter paper.



Generic term to cover items made to contain, display or dispense matches or matchboxes. Examples are match tins, match safes, ashtrays and matchbox slides. May be made of a variety of materials, e.g. tin, plastic, pottery.



General term for paper labels affixed to matchboxes, usually as a single label on top of the box, or printed on a label that goes all the way round the matchbox



Normally the design is printed directly onto the cardboard outer of the matchbox, more prevalent nowadays than labels.



Usually affixed to packaging around (typically) ten or twelve individual boxes. The design may be printed directly onto paper, or on a label affixed to the packaging.



* information collected from TM Labels